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    Issue with FileMaker Go 13.0.3 and barcode scanning



      Issue with FileMaker Go 13.0.3 and barcode scanning


           This is a three parter:

           Part 1

           I have a container in which I scan a barcode.  I have a script that does the "Insert from device" with Camera [Back/Small] all barcode types enabled.

           After I scan something it automatically creates a new and empty record.  Is this a bug or is there a script step that I am missing that can keep it from creating a new record and staying on the record that was just scanned. 

           The reason is as soon as the user scans a barcode I'd also like them to enter some other info after the fact.

           Steps are:

           (No Records exist)  New Record, Scan Barcode -> jumps to new empty record now two records exist when I've only scanned one Item.


           Part 2

           I've noticed that once you have scanned a barcode into a container and then select the container to delete the captured barcode FileMaker Go creates a new and empty record.

           Steps are:

           (One Record exists) Select Container with barcode image. Tap Delete from popup menu. Now two records exists.

           Is this a bug also? or again is there a script step that I'm not aware of. 


           Part 3

           I cleaned up a scanned database.  So I now have 5 records with a container and a text field.  The text field is populated by the barcode image using GetAsText( Barcode_Container ).

           When I "Enter Find Mode" and I try and scan a barcode to search by I get the error "Specified field has inappropriate field type".  So I can't scan and use barcode data in Find Mode to do a search.

           Other than creating a separate layout in Browse Mode with a scan barcode and search upon validate calculation. is there a proper way to use the barcode scanner in Find Mode.


           Sorry if this is not the proper application of the barcode function.  Any help or advice in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


           Also I've noticed the same issues on FileMaker 13.0.2 with records being created when inserting and deleting images into a container that a barcode is being scanned into.  On one New Record click and three insert images and 3 delete images I end up with 7 records when I should have 1 record that I have inserted and deleted from multiple times.

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               Sounds like you might have a script trigger running that is creating the extra records.  To trouble shoot this issue it would be helpful to know what script triggers are running on the container field and to see the actual scripts that you are using for this process.

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                 Good suggestion! any of the "insert" script steps can trip script triggers set on the field into which the data is being edited.

                 I've got a solution where I've been testing FM GO's ability to scan bar codes on my iPhone 4S and I'm not getting this behavior, but then I'm also scanning into a global field and "saving" the data to a non global field only if the script parameters dictate that outcome. (One script both finds existing barcodes and sets up the scan for logging a new barcode never before scanned...)