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    Jumping between fields



      Jumping between fields


      I have a simple layout (screenie is attached) with the top field being a field that can't be edited and the second field being connected to a pop-up menu.

      Now after I enter data into the middle field, FMGo immediately goes to the top fields and pulls up the keyboard. This is slightly annoying since the user needs to close the keyboard before existing the layout.

      Is there an option to disable this?



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          I've tried using the script triggers and a script that goes to the End Check button but FMPro 11 and FMGo do not behave in the same manner. In FMGo, using the OnObjectModifier trigger and the script will allow the user to tap the Bags Used field but not allow them to fill in the data and jump immediately to the End Check button.

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            The top field must be set as not enterable, however, this will kill the scrolling feature, a Filemaker Gotcha.

            One try is to first delete the tab order and then uncheck the goto next field in the inspector.

            Now create a onmodified trigger that has one line, commit record. This saves the record and removes the cursor from the fields.

            I use this idea with a series of checkboxes and it works just fine and gets rid of that silly edit thing with Filemaker where it has to set all fields to enterable if you only want to edit one. Really need some updates here in how Filemaker works.

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              Sweet, the commit records + onmodify trigger totally works.

              Thanks Jack!