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Keeping Records from Graying Out in Portal (Filemaker GO)

Question asked by 2859 on Aug 7, 2012


Keeping Records from Graying Out in Portal (Filemaker GO)


 I have a portal on a page, where we will be adding records and recording observational data.  The obserevers are complaining that the records gray out often and aren't available for adding data.  We have found that you can remove 'the gray' by tapping on the top (Main) part of the record.  However, this is problematic when entering data that is down the list on the portal - necessitating scrolling back up to the top of the record and losing one's place.  I believe this is caused by hitting the iPad screen someplace other than in a field (e.g. the white space between fields), but this is apparently quite a problem.  Anyone know of a work-around?  Is there a way to set the "white space" between records to not respond to hits?