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Keyboard disappears, toolbar stays in middle of screen

Question asked by DanYotz on Aug 31, 2011


Keyboard disappears, toolbar stays in middle of screen


Bought an iPad, just to develop and utilize this form - hadn't used Filemaker in a LONG time, so pardon my ignorance if I am missing something.

In the course of filling out my form, I often utilize the Record navigation buttons that appear on the toolbar.  If my cursor is not within a field, it works just fine.  However, if my cursor is within a text field and I hit NEXT RECORD, then the record changes and the keyboard disappears - yet the toolbar remains floating in the middle of the screen (where it was when it was at the top of the keyboard).

This has been happening for the last 4 weeks that I have used this ... but, now as I attempt to recreate in order to better describe... the toolbar is reverting to the bottom of the page...

 I will see how this is reacting tomorrow when I am back out in the field.