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    label printer difficulties



      label printer difficulties


           i have made a label form for filemaker go use, but cannot get it to print. filemaker go does not see my brother QL-720. other iPad apps can recognize it, as well as FM 13 from the desktop.


           as a workaround, I thought i could somehow export the labels as pdfs, and print from another app...problem is that you cannot customize the correct paper size. surely someone must know how to accomplish this simple task.

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               B Falasiri:

               Thank you for your post.

               When you tap Print, you should have a Paper Size option.  Make sure this is the correct size.  Once all of the Print Setup options are set, tap PDF and then tap "View".  This will give you an idea how the PDF file is going to be saved.  Once you are satisfied, then perform the save actions and tap "Save".

               To go to an printer, once the print options are set, tap "Print", and a list of printers recognized by iOS will display.  Tap the printer and the document will print.  From your description, it appears no printers are being displayed, and since FileMaker Go only displays what iOS is providing, try printing from another FileMaker file.  If this works, then the original file may be damaged.  If the second file fails, then reboot FileMaker Go to clear out any possible memory issues and try again.  If this still fails, then reboot the iPad to reset iOS and try again.  If this still fails, then reinstall FileMaker Go.

               Please keep me updated with any progress.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Thank you for your reply.

                 I have two locally hosted files which are accessed via FM go 13. ios7.04 i deleted and reinstalled FM go 13.

                 With regard to the paper size option, they are set, and non-modifiable. my label is 2.4"x4", and there is no way to specify a custom paper size. The label form, of course is the correct size, and prints beautifully from the desktops. I also tried saving a test record as a pdf and exporting it, but one of the preset paper sizes is always chosen, and is not a success. 

                 with regard to printer choices, yes filemaker Go does see other printer choices, but not the label printer. filemaker 13 for desktop does see the label printer and can print to it. From the ipad other applications do see the label printer, so I feel that this is particular to filemaker go 13. 

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                   B Falasiri:

                   FileMaker Go searches for all AirPrint printers.  Although I don't have access to a Brother QL-720 printer, I see the Brother QL-720NW support AirPrint, so I'm hoping this is the same model.  A review on Amazon says it doesn't work with AirPrint.


                   What other apps are seeing the Brother QL-720 as an AirPrint device?

                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                     Firmware update!

                     now onto the other problem, now that filemaker can "see" the label printer. There is no way to select the correct paper size. Please enlighten me. When one chooses "print" one is taken to a menu that includes common sizes, and an "other" option, which, in turn, provides a longer list of common sizes. 


                     on the desktop, this works like a charm, where you can manage and save custom sizes. On the iPad, we have not successfully printed one label, which is a really handicap.


                     thoughts? Suggestions?

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                       B Falasiri:

                       Since iOS doesn't support custom paper sizes, one suggested workaround is to setup a script with the "Print Setup" script step in order to set the custom paper size on Go.  Follow this script step with Print.  Then, execute the script when you want to print.

                       FileMaker, Inc.

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                         Tried the script. No success. The label cuts in the wrong place. Works fine from desktop, and with and without the script.

                         go to layout ["layout name"(file name)]

                         print setup [restore; no dialogue]

                         print [restore: printer; no dialogue]

                         go to layout [original layout]


                         items to note, a dialogue box comes up on iPad anyway.  As a further work around I have tried saving as a PDF then printing, but the PDF is cut off as well.

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                           The paper size is essentially, correct, but it will not print th full length of the label

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                             B Falasiri:

                             FileMaker cannot bypass the iOS print dialog box.  FileMaker Go sends the print without dialog to iOS, but iOS does not have a way to pass that information at this time.  iOS would then also control the print margins.

                             FileMaker, Inc.

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                               We use Dymo printers which do not support Airprint.  On the Mac side, we've had a lot of luck with Printopia and the Dymos can be configured correctly.  A tip is to probably create a landscape and portrait entry.


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                                 I've spent hundreds of hours working on trying to get FileMaker to print properly.  I usually can accomplish what I want but it takes a lot of trial and error. It would be nice if FileMaker would print the way we want it to print but it doesn't always work that way.  I would recommend creating a separate print layout for the iPad and try to adapt the layout to counter act the print problems.  You could try a variety of combination of page margins, page sizes. scales and moving fields.  The easiest way to do this is to share the file with FileMaker Pro and then connect to the file with FM Go.  This would allow you to make and test changes fairly quickly.

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                                   Printopia is a step in the right direction, but it still won't allow custom sizes - if your layout doesn't match exactly with a Printopia size, then the printer will result in an error - 


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                                     Did you ever get this figured out?


                                     Printing in Filemaker is horridly difficult. For the price of the software printing should be much more stable in general. The print problems serious affect productivity. I have entered official suggestions about fixing the print issues, but maybe not enough people are complaining to make a difference or maybe FileMaker does not care. Bottom line...printing with FileMaker is our number one FileMaker issue. I continually need to save as a PDF and open the document in Preview and print from there via AppleScript because Filemaker Pro has issues printing. This seems to be an acceptable FileMaker "workaround" and reaffirms the unwillingness to fix the issues. Oh and that works for OSX only.

                                     I have issues with Printopia and special paper sizes in FileMaker  Go already. Saving as a PDF with the custom size and using Printopia fails printing. Maybe iOS 8 will allow adding of custom paper sizes. We are looking to add a few label printers to print from iPads and this seems to be a nightmare waiting to happen. I saw the QL720NW as an answer to the issues as it has air print support but this seems to have us still with a bunch of hassles from what you and others have reported.

                                     So far as I know FileMaker Server will not print or run Applescript so that is no help. It seems the only thing that may work is using the 360Works Remote Scripter plugin to run printing from a robot client. This adds $200-$300 for the plugin and the cost of the FMP license for the robot client and the cost of the robot machine unless you decide it is a good idea to run the robot on the server machine. Honestly a cost of $500-$1200 is too expensive at any price to fix a problem that should not be there in the first place.

                                     Maybe Filemaker is trying to save trees by making it so hard to print things.

                                     Dymo does not have an auto cutter for the label products and prints slower than the Brother. The Dymo is a cheaper product. Still not sure the Dymo will work with Go either.

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                                       Lantronix Print Server http://www.lantronix.com/it-management/xprintserver/xprintserver.html is about the only solution I could find to interface non AirPrint printers into my solution.

                                       I run small Star thermal receipt printers as wireless printers (Star TSP143Lan with wifi packs) for ticket and thermal label printers all accessible from iOS devices using FM Go.

                                       Check the supported printer page of the Lantronix, you might find a solution. 

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                                         I finally bought the Lantronix xPrintServer office edition and it works fantastic.  I can see pretty much all my printers, they print way quicker and you can select the paper size via their web interface.  The paper sizes are not customizable but they pretty much go with standard label sizes (I think depending on your printer driver)-


                                         My biggest challenge now is finding the best layout that shows me the margins so I can configure the layout - for some reason I can see the right margin but not the top or bottom or left margins - also I have a QL710W and cannot find anywhere the minimum margin sizes so that I can define my layout etc...

                                         But overall I will be using the lantronix for all my other printers as well!  Thanks Eoin Kavanagh for the suggestion

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