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Large database and FM GO

Question asked by Faganel on Mar 23, 2012
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Large database and FM GO


Hi Everyone,


I have a
task, or an idea which I don’t know, if would work. So let me started with a case
to get a picture and then I will have some questions.

I have an
Excel table containing approximately 7000 rows and approximately 16 columns. This
table contains my products with article number, description... this articles are
divided in groups and this groups are distinguee by article number (usually
first column; column A) which is (contains) 12 numbers long and first 5 numbers
are the same for each group (group can contain from 1 to 50 product in
different dimension e.g.).

My idea is to use this table as database and in FileMaker or Bento(?) create a
form to “call” information from this database (Excel table).

Oh yes ...
this should run on iPad.

And now the

Can I make
a kind of form, where will be a field, where I will enter first 5 digits of the
article number and below will show mi all articles (products) beginning with
this first 5 digits. After that I will tap on right one and will show me all
characteristics from the database?

If this is
possible; can I make more “search” fields and just search database by any of
entered criteria and not just by product (group) code?

I suppose
that for FileMaker on my Mac this would not be a problem ... what about Bento?
Can Bento “swallow” this?

What about “exporting”
this on iPad ... would FileMaker GO be able to process this (the new iPad)?

I hope that
I was clear enough,