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    Latest FMGo crashing on layout change.



      Latest FMGo crashing on layout change.


      We have two iOS devices that were upgraded to the recent FMGo release. The update was to fix problems with iOS8 compatibility.

      The iPads are still running iOS7 as CNS Barcode is not yet compatible with iOS8 and native FMGo QR Code scanning still crashes the app(likely never to be fixed). After the update  the devices crash intermittently when using the GoToLayout script step.

      Any ideas? Any way to log FMGo crashes?

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          I would run Recover on the file, to make sure the file is not corrupt.  If the file is OK and still having issues, I would then suggest restoring an old version of "Go".

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            I wonder why I bother even posting stuff here. The same iPads running the latest Go release on iOS7 have layout rendering problems as well.

            The problems are isolated to only two iPads and that is the only thing they have in common. Nothing to do with a corrupt file.

            Why is FileMaker ignoring this problem?

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              Have you ran Recover on the file?  If you haven't then you can't state for sure that it is not a corrupt file.  A corrupt file can have that kind of effect on a databases.  Sometime it doesn't show up, until something changes such as an OS upgrade or filemaker upgrade.  Yes, every software in the world has bugs, but to rule something a bug, you have to be able to replicated the problem in different databases.  Just because something doesn't work the way you expect doesn't make it a bug.  The only way to track down a problem is by ruling out the basic items such as file corruption.   Have you use the database on more than two iPads?  You want answers but you don't give any details.  Are you on a MAC or PC?  What version of Filemaker was the database created ? I will attempt to help you fix your problem but you have to start at the beginning of a problem and rule out all the basic items, which will also help pinpoint where the issue may be so that tech support can duplicate the problem.  I read several posts everyday and I have not see anyone report an issue similar to the issue you state you are having.  If you want to make a blank copy of your database and put a link to dropbox, I will be happy to test on my iPad and see if I have the same issues with the database.  You can always contact tech support and send them the file to review.

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                The file was recovered over the weekend without any problems.

                The issues are still present. The database is regularly used on four iPads on a daily basis. So, more than two. Database created with FM12 and then updated with changes in FM13. Latest FMS13 on Mac Server with latest Mavericks. No server side scripts at all. Nothing else runs on the FMS.

                FM tech support is no real help and they will recommend installing an old version of FMGo if that stops the crashes and render problems, which is not really what I am wanting to do as it is a big hassle to go backwards. I had contacted them about some serious FMS crashing in the past that was not isolated to me and they refused to take a look at my file (or a number of others with the issue) while they admitted they did not know what was happening exactly and had trouble reproducing the problem.  I do not see how they would be willing to take a look at my file for this problem. I would prefer they spend time fix the QR Code scanning issue that has been unresolved for a few updates and almost a year.

                The update running on iOS8 does not have a problem so far as I can see. If CNS Barcode is stable in iOS8 after some testing I will go ahead and update everything. Again if FM fixed the native QR Code scanning issues I would not have any of this trouble.

                It does appear to be an issue with iOS7 and the latest Go update so far as I can see.

                I have users that need to deal with using the FMGo all day every day. When it crashes on layout change or does not render a layout properly it disrupts the workflow. When it crashes because of QR Code scanning it disrupts workflow. When this kind of stuff happens to end users FM needs to understand it is very damaging to the over image of the product. I am sure in some companies some of the users will grow into decision making positions with their companies and make it a goal to rid the company of the crash happy database they had to work with in the past.

                Overall I am happy with Filemaker, but crashes are not something I consider acceptable at all.


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                  Tom Oathoudt:

                  Thank you for your posts.

                  I'm happy to look at  your file to see why FileMaker Go is crashing when switching layouts.  Check your Inbox at the top of this page for instructions where to send the file.

                  As far as the QR Codes, Insert From Device (Barcode) will fail if the camera is already pointed at a QR Code.  This was reported by you at:

                  FM Go Crashing

                  There is no additional information available at this time.

                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    Please, let everyone know if the issue gets fixed or it's a bug.  Someone may come across this post in three months with the same issue.  Hopefully,Tech support will get you fixed up.

                    S Chamblee

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                      I did a reboot of the server and all the devices. No issues since then.

                      I ran recovery again and there is a line in the log: Structure: scanned; 3 item(s) modified. Everything else is good.

                      How do I locate what was modified or what the problem was?  How bad is this modification within the structure? This seems to be the case with all the recent backups I checked as well. I hope it is not too serious.

                      I keep getting the fmserved process (not responding) in the server activity monitor, but it is seemingly running.

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                        Tom Oathoudt:

                        The recover.log file should provide information about what items were modified.  Check near the bottom of the report.

                        If you are getting fmserverd (not responding), then there is some aspect that FileMaker Server cannot respond.  Check to make sure the web server is running.  Check your Event and Access logs to see if there is still activity or any errors.  Either way, you will need to stop and restart FileMaker Server.  Try stopping and restarting from the Admin Console, and if unsuccessful, then reboot the server.

                        FileMaker, Inc.

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                          Looking at the recover.log there are no details near the bottom. This is what I get.

                                   File blocks: scanned and rebuilt 229468 block(s), dropped 0 invalid data block(s)
                              0    Schema: scanned fields and tables; some problems were found...
                              0      fields created to match record data: 0
                              0      field values deleted due to invalid ID or repetition: 0
                              0      records deleted due to invalid ID: 0
                              0    Structure: scanned; 3 item(s) modified
                              0    File size after recovery is 941744128 bytes
                              0    *** Completed recovery

                          There is a calculation that is noted as modified in the log. I am assuming this is one of the three things. How can I find the other things that were modified?


                          The issue with fmsererd is that everytime I stop the server process in the admin console and/or via terminal and reboot the server, eventualy the fmserverd process ends up (not responding) again.

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                            Just for fun I ran a recovery on the recovered file. Came up with 5 structure items modified.

                            I can only think that some how an iPad layout or object is corrupt. FMP never has any problems. I had one crash switching layouts on iOS 8 while testing. The layout changes are driven by simple buttons with GoToLayout. FMPro never crashes when using the iPad layouts. Tested that for a while.

                            Will FMGo crash if the wifi network has switched in the middle of navigating layouts?

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                              Tom Oathoudt:

                              Send in a clone of the original file so I can run Recover.  If I'm unable to determine the three items being modified, I'll have Development and Testing provide me with the information.  Check your Inbox at the top of this page for instructions where to send the file.

                              If you are switching to a different Wi-Fi network when navigating layouts, how is the host also coordinating that switch to the other Wi-Fi network?  If the host doesn't switch, then FileMaker Go will be unable to connect to the host and the connection will be lost.

                              FileMaker, Inc.

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                                Thanks, I will get it to you.

                                I ask about the connection issue because I seemed to notice some crashes connected to the connection. For testing I would take an iPad and get in the elevator and start going up until the connection was lost. Sometimes just disconnected and sometimes app crashed. Nothing done in the app besieds the startup script. Just start it up and move away from Wifi connection.

                                Again FMPro, FMGo for iPhone, and FMGo iPad 13.0.4 are not having these issues at all. The only crashes are with FMGo iPad 13.0.5. Many on iOS7 and one on iOS8. I have not had time to figure out if the ODBC connection loss problem I posted in another topic is related.

                                The recovered file has a table added with Blobs and Table names. Can you explain what that is exactly?

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                                  Tom Oathoudt:

                                  The recovered table is probably your SQL data source.  A Blob is an acronym for Binary Large Object, as this would be created for images or documents; not character data.  The table names would probably be your remote tables.  Can you confirm?

                                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                                    It does all seem to be container image data.

                                    The tables names are all native Filemaker tables. Nothing from the SQL source.

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