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    layout on filemaker go



      layout on filemaker go


      In layout in filemaker pro advanced the feilds are larg to accomidate the largest input for that feild.  I set it up for a scroll affect up and down the page.  When I use preview in filemaker, all the feilds are in the right order without gaps as in the layout.  When I veiw in filemake go, to large gaps are shown on the screen.  I would like the screen view of that which is in filemaker preview screen.  It really looks nice when viewing.  How can this be done??  Thanks.

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          Many layouts look different between Filemaker and Filemaker Go.  I believe this is due to the different screen sizes and resolutions.  The only way I've found is to create a copy of the layout and modify that copy until it looks the way you want it on the iPad.  You can then use a script to detect the user's platform and go to the layout for that platform.