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    layout sizing



      layout sizing


      I'm perplexed by inability to get layout size right?

      FileMaker12 ADV / Latest FMGO


      When I create even the simplest layout with NOTHING over 612pt width and no stray objects >

      With FMGO running on first gen iPad I can't get layout to open sized to fit on iPad.

      Only some of the imported from FM11 desktop layouts "snap to" iPad screen size  ... I wish to have layout open sized correctly.

      I figured with new sizing guide tool it would be a slam dunk to simply keep within bounds.

      What setting am i missing?

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          Use the size menu as shown in the graphic. Drag your layout width to match with 3 pixels or so less for list mode.

          You can also click on the header, footer and body adjustment tabs and use the Inspector to set the heights.

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            As stated. I figured with new sizing guide tool ( size menu ) it would be a slam dunk to simply keep within bounds.

            I had previously used a graphic 768 wide as a guide ... it seems that FM12 is giving me trouble.

            I used size menu first and incramentally kept downsizing without desired results ... most imported layouts are persistantly scrolling Horz. & Vert.

            What setting am i missing?

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              Let's use the iPhone dimensions since that is what I am using.

              For a form view the dimensions are 320 x 428 max for a form view with no header or footer. Using this the screen will not swipe in either direction.

              One important step is to use

              Set Zoom Level 100% and click the checkbox to lock the zoom. This prevents the two fingered zoom stuff.

              Now here's the trick...one pixel to0 wide or too high and the swipe now comes into play.

              For a list or report view the width is the problem. It is to be set for 3 or more pixels less than the form width, or 315 is what I use.

              With this the list view will not wander to the left but the lines will still scroll.

              You can discover how this works for yourself by using the Inspector to adjust the height and width a few pixels at a time while observing how this dislays on your iPad or iPhone...connected by wifi of course and have opened the file remotely that is open on your computer.