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    Limiting Database Access via Filemaker Go



      Limiting Database Access via Filemaker Go


      My databases are currently available through our local network and Filemaker Go to any user with an established account name and password.  I would like to limit Filemaker Go access to two particular users only.  Can that be done and if so, how?  Thanks.

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          Millie Gorman:

          Thank you for your post.

          You may want to consider creating two new account names, and deleting the old account names.  You can then give out individual account names to each of the two users.

          Another option is to have a Startup script that checks for User Name - Get (UserName), as this takes the user name from the computer or iOS device.  You could also use this in conjunction with Get (AccountName) to get the account name.  For example, 

          If [ Get ( UserName ) ≠ "Millie's iPad" ]
             Close File [ Current File ]
          End If

          This checks to see if the user name is "Millie's iPad", and if not, then close the file.

          Let me know if you need additional clarification.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            6 months from now when you've forgotten all about this script and Millie changes here iPad user name, you'll spend hours trying to figure out why she can't log in...  :)

            People will swear at Filemaker Go for being buggy and you for being buggy.

            Use Account Name instead of Username since you can control that.

            User Name is entered when you install software but can be changed by anyone using the Preferences in Pro or Settings:User Name in Go.

            User Name is not reliable for anything serious.

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              Thank you for your responses.  My objective is to control off-site access to my databases.  I have disabled all off-site access for now.  Otherwise, as I currently have it configured, all of my users (who each have a personal account name and password intended for in-house use only) can access the databases on the server from off-site if they have FMP or Filemaker Go and know the static IP address.  Is it possible to configure the database security privileges to limit off-site access to a specific user without using a VPN?  In a perfect world it would seem easier to let one person in than to have to lock everyone else out individually.  :-)  Thanks!