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    Link to Filemaker Server



      Link to Filemaker Server



      I'm struggling for hours with a Filemaker Go connection, I'm going crazy here so any help will be appreciated...

      Here is the problem:

      I have FileMaker Server 11 running, on Windows 7, with a database, Clients.fp7, uploaded an opened.

      If I use FileMaker Pro (on the same computer) and try to open a remote database, no problem, I can find the host (FM Server) and my database Clients.fp7. This is how I can be sure the database is accessible.

      The issue comes when I want to open the database from FileMaker Go. When I look for hosts I can find my Server without any issues, but when I connect to it FM Go says there is no database on the host...


      One more point. When I installed the whole solution it worked perfectly. Now I had to change my network name and password and this does not work. I have checked that the iPad and the computer are on the same network, I have tried to reinstall FileMaker Server and re-upload the database.. I'm out of options here...


      Thanks for your help.

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          Hi thezed:

          Thanks for posting.

          Are you using a 3G connection or wi-fi on your iPad?

          Whether you use 3G or wi-fi will determine the IP address used to connect to your server.  On your iPad, you can go under settings and wi-fi to check if your wi-fi is enabled.  If it is not, then your iPad is using 3G.  Over 3G, you need to connect to the external IP address of your FileMaker Server host.  On your server, open a safari web browser window.  Go to http://www.whatismyip.com and your external IP address will be displayed.  From FileMaker Go, click the cylinder with a + icon to access Remote Files and Hosts.  Add the external IP address in the Add Host window.  At this point, are you able to see your database? 

          You also need to make sure port 5003 is open on your host machine.  Port 5003 can be blocked by a firewall or through your router.  You can check the Macintosh firewall by going into system preferences under the apple menu.  Select Security followed by Firewall, and then make sure the Firewall is off. 

          What type of router is your network going through?  Port forwarding guides on routers can be found at http://www.portforward.com.  You can also visit http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7840 for a general guide on opening ports through a router.



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            Hi TSDuck,


            Yes all the devices are on the same network. I can access the host from FileMaker Go, it's just that I don't see any file on the host. I'll try to have a look about the port, this could be the solution.


            Thanks for your help!

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              Simple Idea for a Button:

              In deverloper mode in FIlemaker Pro create a button and name it as opening the file on the server.

              Set the button using the list on the left to Files;Open File.

              In the popup menu "Secify" select "Add Filemaker Data Source" and when the open file dialog opens click on the "Remot" button in the bottom right hand corner.

              In the popup at the top select "Local Hosts" for your inhouse connections or "Remote Hosts" for you remote connections. Here you can use the IP addresses as found able.

              When finished you have a saved file thingy that you can use in scripts, buttons, etc.

              You can also use it without clicking on the remote file to flag files that can be opened with a network connection: ethernet or wireless.

              Once you've set the button to a remote address with will work on any device having that button in a file.

              Using this idea you can create a Menu File with various buttons and give that to everyone and it will open the files for them.

              I'll leave more info for later


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                Interesting solution Jack.. though I'm not sure it's what I need to solve my problem.


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                  Here's a shortlink to a Wordpress web page I just finished describing this technique: http://wp.me/p1AmGx-9d

                  The end result is a button you can copy and paste on any layout and my last use showed that FIlemaker will also copy the references. Another user friendly and powerful feature.

                  The next question is if you are running Filemaker Pro and Filemaker Server on the same computer? The original question seems to say this is so.

                  You say that Filemaker Go is on the same network and this should be a wi-fi connection, is that so? Or are you using G3 to connect?

                  If your Go device is connected to your computer via the USB connection, you cannot connect to the network over USB. You must use Wi-Fi or your G3 connection.

                  If you are trying to connect via the USB connection, this is your problem.

                  If you are using Wi-Fi you must first use the Settings application, the one with the gear, to select a Wi-Fi connection and then the IOS device will locate your server. Naturally the Wi-Fi router must be connected to the server usualy by an Ethernet connection between the router and Wifi router.

                  If you are in house with your IOS device, Wi-Fi is probably the best choice being faster and more reliable than G3.

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                    Hi Jack,

                    The connection is in wifi but it's not the problem, I can see the host (server) but it lists no files in it.

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                      http://wp.me/p1AmGx-9u this link illustrates how the steps below in a dialog can help troubleshoot connection problems.

                      Create a script "Show IP Addresses" and insert the following into a custom dialog:

                      "System IP Address: " & Get(SystemIPAddress) & ¶ &
                      "Host IP Address: " & Get(HostIPAddress)

                      Add the script to any file on your Server and then run it from any client. The Host IP Address is what you should use on your IOS device to access FM Server and the System IP Address if you are using Filemaker Pro to share the files.

                      Don't forget that in all cases File:Sharing:Filemaker Network... must be set to on for the files to be shared. If you've transfered your files from one server to another you should check this. And if a CD is used you might check to see if the files are locked.