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Link to Filemaker Server

Question asked by thezed on Aug 25, 2011
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Link to Filemaker Server



I'm struggling for hours with a Filemaker Go connection, I'm going crazy here so any help will be appreciated...

Here is the problem:

I have FileMaker Server 11 running, on Windows 7, with a database, Clients.fp7, uploaded an opened.

If I use FileMaker Pro (on the same computer) and try to open a remote database, no problem, I can find the host (FM Server) and my database Clients.fp7. This is how I can be sure the database is accessible.

The issue comes when I want to open the database from FileMaker Go. When I look for hosts I can find my Server without any issues, but when I connect to it FM Go says there is no database on the host...


One more point. When I installed the whole solution it worked perfectly. Now I had to change my network name and password and this does not work. I have checked that the iPad and the computer are on the same network, I have tried to reinstall FileMaker Server and re-upload the database.. I'm out of options here...


Thanks for your help.