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    Linked photos in FM GO



      Linked photos in FM GO


      I have a db with photos LINKED into a container field. When the db goes to FM GO you don't see the photo but rather a path for the photos location on the desktops hard drive which I understand. Does that mean you can't use linked photos if you want to see photos on the mobile device?


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          Jeff Friedman:

          Thanks for posting.

          There's currently no way to view an image that's stored by reference. Currently, the options for FileMaker Go users are:

          1) Store the image inside the container field.

          2) Put the images on a public web server and use the web viewer object to display them. To do this, you would create a new field within the database to store the file name and then set the web viewer object to point to: "http://www.yourwebsite.com/" & FileName

          Please let me know if you'd like any clarification on either of these methods.


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            I have this same problem, but I don't understand why changing the reference in the container to a UNC path instead of a local path wouldn't work?  I have a post in the FM Pro forum asking how to do this and it's getting muddied up with FM Go stuff at - http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/3078fe60a8

            Any client (FM Pro, FM Go) that's trying to load a file from "image:/C:/PandoraImages/150101.jpg" is not going to display that file unless it's also present locally in the same named location.  If the reference pointed to a UNC path, such as "image://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/PandoraImages/150101.jpg", then it should go out to that location/share and load that file.  Can't FM Pro do this?  And why can't I change it in the container to point to that, or if it can be done, how?