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    Linking to Filemaker Pro


      Linking to Filemaker Pro


      Is there a way that if you are using Filemaker Go and you edit fields that it will update your Filemaker Pro database as well. so say we are using it for Inventory, I have Filemaker Pro on my desktop, I take my iPad to the stockroom to check out a few items, I scan items out, after I scan them out will it update on my Filemkaer Pro as well?

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          If you have WiFi, 4G or 3G service available, you can use your iPad to connect to your FileMaker Pro database on your desktop computer as a client of that database. Then the changes you make via iPad are being made directly to the same file stored on your desktop.

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            Alright thanks man. That makes sense. On to the next question! Now I know that we are going to need a third party for the bar code scanning part on the iPad (Ive read about people talking about pic2shop app). By the way the reason we are doing this is for Inventory/Stock control. Now is there a way we could make it so when we scan the items bar code that a window opens with the items information and the total stock? And with the option of either removing or adding to the total stock, then press "done" and it will update the Inventory? Would we just need someone to write this for us or is it not possible.

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              It can be done once you have a scanner that is successfully scanning the barcoded text into a field. From there, it's mainly a matter of using a script to search the database and display the record(s) found that match what you have scanned.

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                When you say scanner can it be an app on the iPad? Ideally after everything is created and set up we just want to have a main database on our computers so we can look at inventory stock, while also having it on our iPads so that we can scan items in and out of our inventory stock. Right now when we remove or add itmes its a pain because we have to get the item and put it in the computer and sometimes things get missed. This way with Filemaker and an iPad seems alot simpler once its set up.

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                  I don't own an iPad or other iOS device. I saw this post without a response and knew the answer so I posted to it. I've worked with a number of folks to set up barcode input into filemaker where the scanner is connected to a computer running fileMaker. I've seen enough posts here in this part of the forum to tell you that it's not as simple to do with an iOS device, but that's about all can tell you.

                  Perhaps another participant more knowledgeable could chime in here?