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    Location based service in Filemaker Go



      Location based service in Filemaker Go



      I see FM Go12 have added new calculations for retrieving GPS coordinates (only work in iOS). The problem is it doesn't geoconvert to a location to an address. Anyone have any solution? Using Google Maps API may be a way, but its troublesome to sync.

      This would be a good feature for those who are tracking items that are away from its stationary distribution centers 

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          Check the demo contacts file for a button that will insert an address from the location functions. It uses a custom function so I can't tell what it is doing. It produces an address but not the one on my door so it might be the address of the cellular tower. If you have advanced you can check the custom function.

          I have noted and the help file agrees that location values are not always the current location if there is no wifi to read for the current location and that the last location will be remembered. My Touch doesn't have GPS so it must have WiFi nearby. Not sure about iPhones but I think some are listed as having GPS. I noticed Filemaker returning the same location even though I was miles away.

          WiFi locations are not the same as satellite GPS even though people reference GPS. Devices must be able to use a GPS signal and not all IOS devices can. Several free apps puport to give me a GPS address even though I don't have a GPS and I don't think GPS is built into my WiFi router or my cable modem.

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            Can you let me know how you got the GPS coordinates into a calulation?


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              Hi Dan,

              There's a function called LocationValues. It retrieves GPS coordinates from a device that has gps receivers. Here's the link for more info:



              This is a brand new function in FM 12, if I'm not mistaken.  

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                That function is new and it only works on iOS devices, not laptops or macbooks or desktops, etc.

                It works with wifi, cellular and gps if the device can do this.

                With wifi and cellular the accuracy is far less than a good gps handheld device.

                Also, the retrieved value may be in accurate when you change locations and there is no signal available. It uses your last location as I discovered which at that time was 10 miles away.

                The wifi router may be as much as 150 feet or more away,etc.

                Check the demo file Contacts. There is a custom function inside one of the buttons that wants to convert the coordinates to an address.