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    Lock Screen rotation?



      Lock Screen rotation?


      How you I lock the screen from rotating in FileMaker Go?

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          Jorge Rojas:

          Thank you for your post.

          FileMaker Go has no control for the screen rotation.  This is controlled by the iOS.  There is a switch on the right edge of an iPad to lock the screen rotation.  With the new iOS on an iPhone, double-click the home button and swipe to the right to see the option to lock the screen rotation.

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            Actually, some apps DO lock the screen orientation, even if the iOS does not have it locked. For example, Amazon's Kindle app and the NYTimes app both can lock orientation in portrait, even when the overall lock is not turned on. 

            I think Jorge was asking for the ability to control that dynamically. It is certainly possible to add this to FileMaker Go, so I viewed his post as a question on whether it was a feature, or at least his question was a feature request. 

            It probably would be a very useful feature, especially for iPhone/iPod touch users. 

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              DanShockley and Jorge Rojas:

              Got it!  I have not seen the Kindle app nor the NYTimes app, so I was unaware this could be controlled.  As it stands currently, this is something that FileMaker does not control.

              I encourage you to enter this suggestion into our Feature Requests web form at:


              The suggestions entered into this web form are read and discussed by our Development and Product Management departments.  I could copy your posts and paste them into the web form, but there are a couple of questions asked that only you can answer.

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                I'll go to Feature Request for this too, but I wanted to comment here.

                Since the FileMaker layouts I'm making for iPhone are designed to use the screen in certain orientations (mostly Portrait, but a few Landscape, as dictated by the content) it's not appropriate to let the iPhone rotate the screen. Nor is it appropriate to make the user lock the rotation, since for a few, it would need to be unlocked to get to Landscape and back.

                Sort of as a side note, the window size Get functions don't reflect the way that the device is being held. Get ( WindowHeight ) and Get ( WindowWidth ) don't change if the iPhone is being held the other way. If they did, then at window-setup the appropriate layout could be selected, and better yet, if there was a OnWindowRotate event, then a layout change could be scripted.

                But I'd be perfectly happy just to be able to lock the screen orientation with a FileMaker command or function.