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Lost (Wi-fi) Connection when Running off Battery

Question asked by alc on Jun 16, 2011
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Lost (Wi-fi) Connection when Running off Battery


Everything works fine when connecting to my desktop database and I'm plugged in with electricity (assuming I'm using the 'fmrestoreautologin' priveleg.)

However, after a few minutes of non-use  (after the iPads' gone to sleep) I unlock the iPad, and get the following message

"Communication with the Host is interrupted. Do you want to try to reconnect?"

I click yes, then get:

"The file "Filename" could not be opened Either the host is unavailable, or the file is not." 

(OF COURSE NEITHER CONDITION IS TRUE ) The file IS open on My Mac 20' feet away on the same Wi-fi network.

Is there anyway to stop this behaviour?  IS THIS a Bug?  Whatever, it's certainly annoying.

Should it Matter, my Computer is set to NOT sleep (except display), I have hard drive sleep set to never,  and to wake on LAN. Again, I do NOT get this behavior when the device (an iPad) is connected electrically.

I have not tested this with 3G.