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Menu File for Multiple Files Works...

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Aug 13, 2011


Menu File for Multiple Files Works...


Create one File to Open Other Files by Button and Pass-a-long the passwords...  (Reminds me of a very old cowboy...)

There is a trick to passing one password to another file so you don't have to re-enter it, using the Open File option and locate the file in the open file dialog and then Filemaker will do the work for you.

This is an old trick we used before 7 and way before GO and it is nice to see that it will work with GO. I created all of the files in one folder to mimic what GO is probably doing. Then I created the Menu file in the same folder and set the files to open as above. I used a script.

Now a button click opens all of the files I want to to open. A close file script does the same for all of the files: Close File (x).