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    Missing records



      Missing records


      I am having an issue with Filemaker Go.

      My database is hosted remotely. I access it through my iPhone and 90% of the time everything works perfectly. Sometimes the record doesn't exist when I go back to it. Is there a certain way to close out of FMGo from a mobile device to make sure it syncs properly?

      I completed a large review this afternoon that didn't show any issues. I went to work on it tonight and it simply no longer there on my iphone or when I access the db through FMPro.

      Thank you!


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          Brad Tabke:

          Thank you for your post.

          Is it possible you have two copies of the file?  That is, one remotely and one locally?  It would then make sense that if the changes are made on a local file, then when you tried to connect remotely, the changes wouldn't be there (and vice versa).  You may also want to add a Timestamp field with the Auto-Enter options for Modification "Timestamp (Date and Time)".  That way, when a record is changed, the Timestamp field is updated with the current date and time.  If you go into the record at a later time and see a different Date/Time value, then you may be able to narrow down the cause.

          Keep me updated with any changes.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Filemaker makes lazy developers.

            I get more arguments over insisting that we use Commit Record after every new record is added. Lazy developers say Filemaker does the saving...

            However, this won't occur if the connection to the host is dropped before we do something that causes Filemaker to save the record such as new layout, new record, etc.

            BUT if we do New Record...set fields...commit record the record is saved even if the connection is drop a few seconds after we save the record. If we create a new record and enter data in fields and stop to take a bite of pizza and the connection is dropped then the newly entered but unsaved data is lost.

            There are a few other issues to consider but start with this one. It's amazing how long an unsaved record can remain open on an iPhone.