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More % More Doesn't Really Work

Question asked by DennyHayes on Sep 27, 2010
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More % More Doesn't Really Work


I love the ability to actually run databases remotely on my iPhone, but the more I play with this, the more that I find doesn't work, or something different must be done. My latest is that I have a FM file hosted on a remote server. I have a script that launches when opening the file. We have branch managers around the US that access the database, and each uses a login name and password, which pulls up their records, and only allows them access to their own records. This setup works fine when the clients are Macs or PCs, but does not work when I try to access using the iPhone. When I put in my own info it allows me access, but does not go to the layout that this opening script dictates. I used the script step If [ Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 3 or Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 4, but all steps are ignored. When I try to access using a branch managers login/password, it tells me that the person has no access. 

There are two possibilities that I see here. Either the launch script is ignored by the iPhone, or I must do something different to deal with the iPhone. It is starting to look like it will be a long learning curve to get use to this thing. After 20 years of using FM, I feel like I am back in the dark again :)