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More Network Problems with Filemaker Go

Question asked by jweissman on Jul 13, 2013
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More Network Problems with Filemaker Go


     I have been using an FM database on FM Go for over a year and it communicates with the outside world by sending PDF files.

     I need to change to a multi-user environment where there is some exchage of records between multiple filemaker go users. The process is relatively simple but I cannot seem to get anything to work relating to uploading records to FMPA. I can access databases on my laptop from the iPad just fine but rather simple scripts that try to access any content on the iPad from the laptop do not work. For instance with a laptop and ipad on the same wireless network, and with the ip address of the ipad at, fnmet:/ does not access the database. Nor does leaving off the fmp12 change this.


     Rather frustrating.


     It would be nice to have some sample code to at least get a basic working system.