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    Moving my database to Go on iPad



      Moving my database to Go on iPad


       Hi guys. I just got FMGo on my iPad. Can I move my FMPro database to my iPad? Can you point me to a how-to? It's only 5M.


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          Thank you for your post.

          Yes, you can move your FileMaker Pro database file to the iPad.  Here are steps to take:

          1. Physically connect your iPad to your computer and launch iTunes.

          2. On the left side of the iTunes window, you will see a pane with your music, apps, etc.  Under DEVICES, you will see your iPad listed.  Click on this.

          3. On the right side, you will have information about your iPad.  At the top, there are several tabs.  Click on "Apps".

          4. Near the top, you have the option to "Sync Apps", and at the bottom there is a section for "File Sharing".  In the "File Sharing" area, click on the FileMaker Go icon.  To the right of that will be the files that are currently in the FileMaker Go folder on the iPad.

          5. Drag the database file on your computer into this "FileMaker Go Documents" window in iTunes.  The file will then copy to the iPad.

          6. Launch FileMaker Go, and it will then display the new file under "Files on Device".

          Let me know if you need clarification for any of the above steps.

          FileMaker, Inc.