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Multipage format problem to save in PDF format

Question asked by SimoneTesei on Jan 4, 2011
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Multipage format problem to save in PDF format


First compliment for Filemaker Go for Ipad and iphone they are very very powerfull!!!


I'm asking if possibile to save multipage format. Ok i now that Filemaker GO do not recognise the "Preview fuction" with all possibilities eg. printable or not printable field.

BUT it's possible to SAVE a pdf in multiple pages ? 

I see that a multipage format when i use the "Save to pdf" create a PDF in a single page.If i have a multipage format the pdf create only one page whit all page resized. To test i use your example fp7 include whith ipad.

Ok if format go in one page but if i enlarge format for example to 2,3,4 pages Filemaker Go save a PDF file in one page resized to all contents.

I think this is a very limit for a Database to print PDF from a format.It's very usually to have mutiple page.

You are thinking for an Update ? Any solution ?

If you assume that i'm writing is not correct, did it's possible to  have an example whit multiple pages Saved correctly in multiple pade pdf file ?

Many regards Simone