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    Multipage format problem to save in PDF format



      Multipage format problem to save in PDF format


      First compliment for Filemaker Go for Ipad and iphone they are very very powerfull!!!

      But, ISSUE

      I'm asking if possibile to save multipage format. Ok i now that Filemaker GO do not recognise the "Preview fuction" with all possibilities eg. printable or not printable field.

      BUT it's possible to SAVE a pdf in multiple pages ? 

      I see that a multipage format when i use the "Save to pdf" create a PDF in a single page.If i have a multipage format the pdf create only one page whit all page resized. To test i use your example fp7 include whith ipad.

      Ok if format go in one page but if i enlarge format for example to 2,3,4 pages Filemaker Go save a PDF file in one page resized to all contents.

      I think this is a very limit for a Database to print PDF from a format.It's very usually to have mutiple page.

      You are thinking for an Update ? Any solution ?

      If you assume that i'm writing is not correct, did it's possible to  have an example whit multiple pages Saved correctly in multiple pade pdf file ?

      Many regards Simone

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          Simone Tesei:

          Thank you for your post.

          After testing this a few times, I am able to replicate the problem only when I have the layout set to View as Form.  If I change to View as List, then page breaks are inserted into the PDF file.

          I have forwarded your post along with my findings to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments for review and confirmation.  I will update you when I receive any feedback.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Simone and TSGal

            I also see this "effect".  Essentially no page breaks in the multipage PDF.  When previewed in OSX Mail the document (mine is 3 pages legal) is revealed to be a long doc as the eMail prints across three pages but splits them at will.  If I open the PDF then Preview sees it as one large "page".  I tried the ViewAsList option - sometimes worked but split images across pages. I shortened down to letter page size and moved the bottom of the legal section onto page 2.  I get it all back one page.  I also note that the page, as seen in Preview, is far too wide - though that may be an artifact of the compression to one page.  I also note a lot of wasted white space on the right side of the PDF when I reduce it to one page.  The more I adjust the layout the worse the problem gets.

            I hope this gets sorted out soon - the creation of multipage PDFs is the whole point of a project I am working on for a client - about 60 hours invested so far - hate to lose all that.

            If you need samples for FMI engineering I'd be happy to send them on.  I have also posted this as a bug.


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              Simone and TSGal

              A report on TechTalk today (Thread: Email PDF Problems with FMGo) notes "df creation on FMGo does not use a paper size as FMP does to specify the print area, It does not even take a print setup step into account.  Instead it uses always the same 'area' which is much smaller then a regular A4 or letter size. You can not change that. So you have to make special layouts for FMGo pdf creation to make decent pdf's from FMGo".

              One hopes that either a:  the engineers deem this worthy of a fix or b: the engineers reveal some design logic we can use to mimic paper as the final output type in the FMGo-->PDF-->paper path.  I have a whole project rather dependent upon this.