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    Multiple Columns



      Multiple Columns


      Can a list or table display as multiple columns in FM Go?

      If so, how?

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          I'm not a GO user, but suspect your options are the same as in FileMaker Pro.

          Since you can easily set up a table or list view layout with columns, but only one record per row, I'm guessing here that you want a different record in each column. You can do that in Pro for print/preview/PDF purposes, but not in browse mode without doing some extra work in the design of your layout.

          This is called the "horizontal portal" method:

          You may be able to devise a layout where a portal lists all the records you want to display. If so, you can place a series of portals in a horizontal row, each set to display a different portal row, The first portal would be set to show 1 row starting with row 1, the second would specify 1 row starting with row 2, etc.

          Similar effects can be created by using different portal filters on each portal instead of specifying different starting rows.

          Either approach allows you to create a "grid" of records instead of the usual single column list of records that is so much easier to create in FileMaker.