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Multiple Databases on iPads, updating one central database

Question asked by jd2775 on Jan 22, 2011
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Multiple Databases on iPads, updating one central database


Hi all,


I recently purchased FM GO for data collection at our jobsite.  The purpose for this is to have multiple iPads available with the Database we use on it, for data collection.  What I vision is the following:

-One central FMP Database on a shared drive

-Multiple copies of database via FM GO on different iPads

-upon syncing to iTunes, a script(?) would update the central database with the new data collected (preferably it would delete all data on the copy-DB version as well for the next usage)


Is this possible?  The way I see it right now is you  import a copy of the database, collect data, then "Save As" back to your desktop or wherever.  From here it seems you have to manually update the central database somehow, then manually delete all the records off the copy manually as well. Seems cumbersome.


Is there a more automated way of doing this?  FYI if it matters we are using FMP9 and 10, FM GO, Windows XP platform