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    multiple Ipads sharing database



      multiple Ipads sharing database


      Hi Group

      I am happily running one Ipad and am wirelessly connecting to a desktop computer running filemaker pro 10, I would now like to extend the Ipads starting off with another one.

      Can I connect to the same desktop computer running Filmaker pro10 at the same time so both (or at a later date more) can use share and modify data all at the same time?

      Also can I use the same filemaker App on the second ipad or do i have to purchase a filmaker app for each ipad? I think itunes allows several devices to use the itunes data?

      Regards  Fluffy

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          Thank you for your post.

          If FileMaker Go on your iPad is connected to your desktop computer running FileMaker Pro 10, then the iPad is a guest of FileMaker Pro 10.  Since FileMaker Pro 10 can share the file and allow up to nine guests, you can have up to nine iPads running FileMaker Go accessing the same hosted file on your desktop, eachone modifying data.

          iTunes does allow you to install the same application on more than one device.  However, if you plan on running FileMaker Go simultaneously on two different devices, then you would need to pay for two licenses.

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