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Multiple page printing? (Q 2 of 3)

Question asked by artdoc on Apr 30, 2011
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Multiple page printing? (Q 2 of 3)


The contract I need to use has three pages. Page 1 is a series of sliding fields that gather varying chunks of data and slide up to close unused space. In the iPad, the PDF created does NOT work correctly and that was Q 1.

This seems owfully strange to me that FM Pro does NOT offer a function to "Print This Record". I am finding several references to the Print dialog on my Mac which should offer me a choice of FM Pro print options for "Print This Record", but I have no such option in my OS 10.6 print window.

I tried an arcane script with Find for the customer name (of which there would only be the one!) and thought there was a "Print Found Records), but nope!

Q: I want to print to PDF and end up with three pages of a contract. I thought I might end up with a series of steps in a script to handle Print 1, Print 2, Print 3, but no luck so far.


PS: I read some odd suggestion that I might make a page that was 33 inches tall and insert page breaks where needed, making a "one page" layout for three pages of info! Does that even sound right? I still haven't found a way to insert a page break.