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    Multiple page printing? (Q 2 of 3)



      Multiple page printing? (Q 2 of 3)


      The contract I need to use has three pages. Page 1 is a series of sliding fields that gather varying chunks of data and slide up to close unused space. In the iPad, the PDF created does NOT work correctly and that was Q 1.

      This seems owfully strange to me that FM Pro does NOT offer a function to "Print This Record". I am finding several references to the Print dialog on my Mac which should offer me a choice of FM Pro print options for "Print This Record", but I have no such option in my OS 10.6 print window.

      I tried an arcane script with Find for the customer name (of which there would only be the one!) and thought there was a "Print Found Records), but nope!

      Q: I want to print to PDF and end up with three pages of a contract. I thought I might end up with a series of steps in a script to handle Print 1, Print 2, Print 3, but no luck so far.


      PS: I read some odd suggestion that I might make a page that was 33 inches tall and insert page breaks where needed, making a "one page" layout for three pages of info! Does that even sound right? I still haven't found a way to insert a page break.

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          You've asked this question in the FM GO section, yet refer to OS 10.6. Are you using FM GO on an iPad or iPhone or FM PRO on a Mac system?

          If the latter, then your print dialog should show two options: Records Being Browsed, which prints the current found set and Current Record which prints the current record only.

          There was an issue with these two options being missing from the print dialog with some printers, but the v3 update was supposed to have fixed that issue.

          For More Information see:    FM 11 Print all records

          This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bug List here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

          It can also be downloaded as a database file from:   http://www.4shared.com/file/8orL8apk/FMP_Bugs.html

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            Sorry, yes, I am working on a contract that will display on an iPad 2, doing the layout on my iMac 10.6.7. I am using an HP Photosmart B8550. I have the latest deriver as far as I can find ( V 9.8) and it absolutely does not give me an option for "current record". Since in the hoped-for actual field use I will need a three-page PDF, I guess I have to cobble three individual print commands.

            And not to introduce new problems but when I do create a PDF of a page with sliding fields, the layout is not accurate, and some date chunks do not accurately line up with tags, some others actually overlap—despite looking fine in preview— if I space them too close.

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              I don't have FileMaker Go nor an iPad. I can help you with Pro on the Mac, but that's as far as I can go.

              What version of FileMaker Pro do you have installed? Can you confirm that it is FileMaker Pro 11.03? The .03 is significant as that is the release of the latest version of FileMaker 11 and it fixed this issue for the people that originally reported the problem. If you have 11.02 or smaller, you need to download the free updater to update to 11.03.

              A PDF from your Mac or the iPad? Sliding fields are something I've used a lot on the Mac/windows side of things. "If I space them too close" may be the answer there. The document produced by Save as PDF is produced in interaction with Acrobat. The preview will produce a preview of the current layout in interaction with the currently selected printer. It's not out of the question, (though I haven't seen any reports of this), for there to be a small difference in the placement of each object on the PDF as compared to how the printer would do it. With sliding fields, those small differences could produce a very big difference in how they slide.

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                I updated from 11.0v1 and have the options I wanted. Thanks.