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Multiple portals on one layout in FMGo

Question asked by NathanVeitch on Jul 31, 2013
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Multiple portals on one layout in FMGo


     Hi there,


     I am busy doing up a simple quote system for a client. I have 2 table, quotes and quotelines. On the quote I need to have 3 different types of info captured. So what i did was create a 3 TO's for the lines, QuoteEmp, QuoteStock and QuoteLocation and they are all based off the QuoteLines table which is linked to the Quote table. Now on the Quote layout I have 3 portals, each with the respective TO's as the portal table. There are no scripts running on the portals, except for a Delete Row script. The reason for a script there is to give the user a chance to not delete the row.


     I remeber reading somewhere that more than one portal on a layout in go can cause problems, cause a portal acts like a widget in Go. Is that correct?? Or did I misunderstand that post. Unfortunately I can't rememebr where I saw the post, so i can't find it. Am I going to run into problems down the line, or should it work?