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Need a solution for bad Form behavior (1 of 3 questions)

Question asked by artdoc on Apr 30, 2011
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Need a solution for bad Form behavior (1 of 3 questions)


I have the trial version of FMPro 11 so that I can test the potential of FM GO for a field sales tool.

I have created a contract that runs three pages long, using formula-built fields for data that will vary with options chosen. Also a field for a job description could grow from a line or two and go up to a dozen descriptive lines.

I have set up many fields on Page 1 to allow for this flexible amount of info, and in FM Pro, it works fine.

Putting the form onto the iPad, the empty fields will be filled in at a customer's home, then the pages should be saved as a PDF.

The problem (most important of the three I want to solve) is that the slide UP fields with option set to remove extra space end up nearly covering up the fields that are above! There is maybe a line and a half left showing. I have tried both options for sliding up, nothing changes. In FM Pro, the form works just fine. 

This will be a deal breaker if I can't find a fix. True, the extra white space might be okay in some ways, but it doesn't look professional.

This is Q 1 of 3