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    Need filemaker assistance



      Need filemaker assistance


      I am a beginner to filemaker and have used a starter solution. I have all of my contact information uploaded and set. However I have a few questions that I think may be more on the developmental side. I am looking to find someone that can assist and possibly screen share to help me with these. I have contacting support but there is not much they can help me with and I do not think hiring a consultant is necessary given the lack of questions I have. Looking to find someone skilled with filemaker to hire just to answer these few questions.

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          Post the questions on here, I or someone should be able to answer.  Depending on the amount of work required then anyone would have to charge.  I know that a few of the forum user, such as myself are consultants, and help as much as we can.  We can't design a database for free, but are happy to help users to get started.   There are some very knowledgeable users that are willing to help on this forum.   The answer may be that you need to hirer someone, but you don't know until you ask the questions first. 

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            I have created my database using a starter solution.

            1) The map function only seems to work properly under the personal address fields vs the work address fields. However, I do not even need the column for personal addresses. Is there a way to remove that and to properly sync the addresses with the map under work address.

            2) Whenever I go to share contact info by sending it via email it only sends the contact name, phone and email.  I want to share the full info including address. Any suggestions on how to change this?

            3) For my database I have a contacts table and a company table. The contacts "Company Name field" has a relationship to the company table and brings some information over from it. When on filemaker go I can not see my company table. How do I access this?

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              I will review the contact starter solution and let you know what has to be done for each issue.  Please give me a little time.smiley

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                What version of FM are you using?  I reviewed the starter solution from 13.

                I will tackle each question separately, so it will be less confusing.

                The map function will map any address given to it.  The starter solution has a tab control, with one tab for home, and another tab for work.   There is a webviewer on each tab.  The url in the webviewer for the home address (home tab) passes the home address from the database.  The url in the webviewer for the work address (work tab) passes the work address.

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                  Let me know if you need more help with the Get Map function.

                  There is a script  to send by email and in this script there is a send email script step with a calculation.  You will have to modify this calculation.  The calculation includes the work address, you can change this to home address or add to the calculation to add the home address with the work address.

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                    The contact list will display in the manner selected from the drop down at the top of the list.

                    Tap the dropdown and a list will appear at the bottom with: All, Personal, Professional, Family, Friend.  Select All or Professional to view that type contact. 

                    When you are on the contact's record there are two tabs, one that states Work Info and another with Personal Info, select the desired tab.