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Need help choosing the right application.

Question asked by TorErikSolem on May 1, 2014
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Need help choosing the right application.


     Hi! I work at a theatre. We have multiple storage locations for props/models/scenery/curtains. We also have various stages and rehearsal studios to where these props/models/scenery/curtains will be moved and eventually used. 
     We are already using FileMaker for a database for our items in one of the storage locations. 
     What I want and imagine is to keep building this database so it covers all items in all of our different storage locations. Then I want to be able to bar code scan items from one storage location to one stage/rehearsal studio, or even to certain productions/plays. If the latter is possible, each production/play entry will include end dates, and this way I will know whenever an item is available for selection for another production/play.
     When the item is eventually returned to storage, I want all shelves in storage locations to have bar codes for easy scanning the place where the item now is stored.
     Then of course all this info will be synced with a server of sorts, so when the next transfer of items happen, all is up to date. 
     We are approx 30 people who will be using their iPhones or iPads to do these transfers. 
     So to the question: What solution do I need to look into? Is FileMaker the right place to go, or is it too "heavy" for my use?
     Thank you for any response.