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Network disconnect FM GO while on battery

Question asked by chrisgysi on Dec 2, 2010
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Network disconnect FM GO while on battery


Hi there,

I run my databases from FM Go as client in the network. Everything runs great if the ipod is on the power cord. If not (on battery), the network connection stops after about 15 to 25 minutes. Even if I am working! The message shows up, the network connection is lost and if it should connect again. Which is not possible. Never. The ipods network icon is lost. I HAVE to quit FM GO to get connection back! Then restart my file from the server.

Yes, the ipod is set to never sleep...! AND, it happens even if just FM Go is on its file open window.... No need to have any file open, it just loses network connection. I see it in the top bar.

Well, I started with FM Go about 2 weeks ago on a brand new ipod. Last Friday I upgraded to iOS 4.2.1 AND FM Go 1.1.2. I do not remember these network problems before the upgrade but am not able to downgrade again... ;-(

Thanks for advises or solutions; I really guess this is an issue on FM Go...

Thanks, Chris