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Network problems with FM Go

Question asked by NAkars on Jul 11, 2013
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Network problems with FM Go


     I posted this under "Issues" originally (Problem networking host computer to iPads running FM Go 12.0.7), but I was wondering if anybody in the FM Go forum has any advice.


     Here is my problem:

     We are trying to link three iPads and two laptops via an ad hoc network to a host computer, a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.0.5. We create the network on the MacBook Pro, using a static IP address. When the network is set up, the other laptops (running FM Pro 12.0.4) and an iPad running FM Go 12.0.2 can see the network and connect to our database on the host computer with no problem.

     However, the iPads running FM Go 12.0.7 will not open the database. They say that they are seeing our network, but they do not see any files available from FileMaker. That is, when I open FM Go, I search for a local network host. The network comes up, and I click it. On the next screen, the database does not pop up. Instead, I get an "Enter Filename" button, but underneath the button, it says "No network connection is available." If I type in the database filename manually, I get another error: "The file could not be opened. (Not Found)"

     No firewalls or antivirus software are running on the host machine. We've tried to configure the network using DHCP instead of DHCP with manual address or Manual address. We've tried to configure the iPads to use static IPs and DHCP. We've tried turning them off and turning them on. We've tried clearing the settings on the iPads. We've tried to reinstall everything. We've tried to connect with the problem iPads before anything else is connected (so that there's no possibility that there are too many devices on the network). We've talked to Apple support and they couldn't come up with a fix on the iPad side.


     I saw TSGal's post saying that there might be network issues with FM Go 12.0.7, but none of the workarounds mentioned by her work for us.  I'm in a short field season and we really need some kind of workaround in the next couple of days.  Is there anywhere one can download an older version of FM Go?  Or, does anyone have any thoughts on another workaround?