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    New iPad 3 Options and FM GO



      New iPad 3 Options and FM GO


      Much to my suprise, the boss has decided to get an iPad 3 and evaluate its usefulness here around the office and out in the yard. I've started reviewing tech specs and feature lists and would like some user level feedback on the different options and what affect, if any they have on using FM GO on the iPad for our purposes.

      Obviiously more RAM is always a good thing, but if the iPad's primary use is as a client of a hosted FileMaker database, does opting for more Ram have any effect on performance or in recursive calculations that are known to produce a stack overflow in FM GO much more quickly than in FM Pro? (Such as a  list of records with a calculation field that uses getNthRecord to access data in the previous record...)

      Obviously, your mileage and mine will vary, but how does 4G access compare to WiFi for speed? We'll have to make some changes before WiFi will reach over our entire Physical plant to so I need to do a cost benefit comparison of 4G vs. WiFi. Typical uses around the office and scrap yard will be to start purchase orders for waiting customers, look up data and take pictures of customers and their scrap when such a photo is legally required.

      How well, if at all, does the display work in bright sunlight?

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          I've found a few utility apps which can open the mysteries of IOS to us unwashed masses. Doesn't do everything but shows some things:

          • System Status
          • JusSys
          • AppZilla
          • System Info
          • SYS-Lite (Pro Version will free memory)
          • AAi
          • System Status Monitor Lite
          • FileSystem


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            Unless this is a vanity purchase (boss' iPad) I would go with the iPad 2 and the 16 GB, thus far I have not found the 3 to offer any difference in useability. Unless your use case includes off-site, live syncing or remote useage, I put my clients money into better wi-fi with better results. 3G or 4G just adds to the complexity, more data drops, etc. I do have one doctor we set up with VPN so he can check records in the middle of the night, but with minimal data entry. Bright sunlight requires that brightness be set to full, faster battery drain, but still readable. The full brightness on the 3 is apparently a problem as it takes longer to fully change the larger battery. I don't have any scripts that use nth record so I can't answer that one. But I have found that by breaking down a FMP layout into smaller parts that it appears to work better, with both staff and FM. I am in the process of setting up another client with off site data entry to the iPad and end of day syncing. There is a video on TechNet that explains a fully scripted syncing, and thus no additional charge, that I adapted to this case and it appears to be working well. 

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              I just got the new iPad.


              I'm a little frustrated so far with Filemaker Go.  I have not used FM Go on any previous generation iOS devices so I have no point of reference, just my first impressions.  I am currently building a standalone database (local, stored on the iPad) to gather customer contact informaton and job details for my landscaping business and send out bids and detailed job confirmations while out in the field.  I have decided to just build a new database from the ground up for this new device as I have no need to access the records which I have kept over the past 3 years on my macbook and I want to simplify everything so FM Go will run without any hicups.


              My first impression is that the text displayed on FMGO on my new ipad with retina is that the text is NOT being upconverted to the hi res like on safari or any of the other apps.  The menus in FMGO are all being upconverted, it is the text in the databases that is looking very pixelated.  I'm not sure if there is something I can do to fix this, I have tried Helvetica 14pt and Helvetica 10pt and both of these are barely readable on my beautiful new display.  This has gotten me quite discouraged as I really don't want to invest too much time into this if the end result will look as sloppy as my current database.


              Has anyone else experienced this issue with the new ipad?

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                Reese Farrow (et al):

                Thank you for your post.

                Your observations are correct.  Our Development and Testing departments are aware of the fuzzy text being displayed on the iPad 3.  There is no update at this time, but I have attached your post to the original report, and I will post again when more information becomes available.

                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  For More Information on the "fuzzy text" issue, see:     iPad FM Go Fuzzy Text

                  This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Buglist for Filemaker GO thread here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

                  It can also be downloaded as a database file from:    http://www.4shared.com/file/8orL8apk/FMP_Bugs.html

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                    From your post above: "There is a video on TechNet that explains a fully scripted syncing"

                    Can you provide a link? 

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                      I think that this is the video that Bumper mentioned:


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                        Much obliged!

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                          My bad. The video that I was thinking about is one that Richard Carlton did for the 2011 Devcon. The link for the files and video is: