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New iPad 3 Options and FM GO

Question asked by philmodjunk on Mar 20, 2012
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New iPad 3 Options and FM GO


Much to my suprise, the boss has decided to get an iPad 3 and evaluate its usefulness here around the office and out in the yard. I've started reviewing tech specs and feature lists and would like some user level feedback on the different options and what affect, if any they have on using FM GO on the iPad for our purposes.

Obviiously more RAM is always a good thing, but if the iPad's primary use is as a client of a hosted FileMaker database, does opting for more Ram have any effect on performance or in recursive calculations that are known to produce a stack overflow in FM GO much more quickly than in FM Pro? (Such as a  list of records with a calculation field that uses getNthRecord to access data in the previous record...)

Obviously, your mileage and mine will vary, but how does 4G access compare to WiFi for speed? We'll have to make some changes before WiFi will reach over our entire Physical plant to so I need to do a cost benefit comparison of 4G vs. WiFi. Typical uses around the office and scrap yard will be to start purchase orders for waiting customers, look up data and take pictures of customers and their scrap when such a photo is legally required.

How well, if at all, does the display work in bright sunlight?