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New iPad owner with lots of questions

Question asked by AnitaWoods on Mar 17, 2012
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New iPad owner with lots of questions


I have been using FM Go on my iphone, and have FM Pro 11 on my Macbook Air.  I just bought an iPad solely for the purposes of having a tablet-sized version of my database.  I can click the "2x" button and get it to fill the iPad screen, but now thinking I should buy the FM Go for iPad, but I have a few questions before I plunk down another $40.

-Can FM Go for iPad sync with my Macbook FM Pro?  I've been using the file-sharing app section of iTunes, transferring the file back and forth, but I find this very cumbersome with one master & slave, that changes back and forth. I would like to have a way to sync automatically, just between my Macbook Air and my iPad.

-Is there a "missing manual" for FM Go for iPad that I can download that will tell me how to do that, if it is possible?  Or a manual that will help me with how best to design layouts to optimize FM Go for iPad's features?  I'm just a casual user, so many times simple instructions like "just set up FM as a host" go over my head.

-What is data sharing, and is that what I need to be using?

Thank you for your help.