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Newbie hoping someone can help.

Question asked by MarkSimlo on Feb 12, 2012
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Newbie hoping someone can help.




I have Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced on my iMac.  I have Filemaker GO on my iPhone. I have created a test database on the iMac and can access it and change it on the iPhone if I am on my local wireless network.  I want to access the database when I am out and about over 3G.  I am using an Apple Time Capsule router accessed with Airport Utility on my iMac and I have given my iMac a static IP address.

I am sure the issue I have is a port forwarding one as everything works OK over my local wireless network.

Can anyone offer me any ideas on what I need to do (or if you need any more information from me to help me).

Many thanks in advance