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    No Auto-Restore Button



      No Auto-Restore Button


           I'm trying to set up Filemaker Go so that it doesn't require an account name and password everytime it goes into hibernation (aka, I hit the home button, call someone, go back to filemaker and BOOM...i have to (again) enter my account name and password.)  I'm familiar with the steps:

      FileMaker Pro - File > Manage > Security - the account belongs to a privilege set that has the extended privilege fmrestorelogin

      FileMaker Pro - File > File Options - the log in using option is unchecked


      BUT.....In FileMaker Go - Settings ....it looks like this.  There is no auto restore option.  Is this a bug or what?





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               You change the time in Filemaker Pro for Go.  You need to modify the Extended Privileges set.   By clicking the The Extended Privileges tab, then select fmreauthenticate10, click edit, then change the 10 to another number up to 10080.  This is the time in minutes.