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      No Files Available


      Most of the time when I try to connect to File Maker Go on my iPad I get the response "no files available".  The program is open and running.  All of the settings are correct because it works sometimes.  The ip address has not changed.  Any suggestions?

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          Thank you for your post.

          If FileMaker Go is showing "No files available", then make sure the files that are being hosted on FileMaker Pro/Server have Sharing turned on.  Also, make sure port 5003 is open, as this is what FileMaker uses for Sharing files across the network.

          Are you accessing the files via Wi-Fi or 3G?  If by Wi-Fi, make sure the connection is active.  If by 3G, make sure there is no firewall active on the host computer.

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            I'm having a similar problem.  I have FileMaker Go on the iPhone and iPad.  When I'm at home both devices connect to my computer and both see the database.  When I'm at work my iPhone connects but my iPad does not.

            My iPad used to be able to connect to my computer and I made no known changes.  I was out for at least a week and when I came back I have not been able to get it to connect.

            As far as I no the settings for my phone and iPad are the same.

            Do you have any suggestions?