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No files available on iPad, good for iPhone

Question asked by Connor on Apr 4, 2011
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No files available on iPad, good for iPhone



Thanks for your help in advance with this.

I have a database hosted on my macbook pro that I connect to with my iPhone and my iPad.  Recently the iPad has been able to connect to the mac but is not able to access the database.  Once it is connected it says "(no files available)".

The iPad used to be able to connect to the database but no longer does.  My iPhone, on the same wifi network, is able to connect.  Neither of the devices are using 3G to connect.

At home both of the devices are able to connect to the database.

I've been reading the knowledge base articles and other forum posts and there are many mentions of the ports that are used.  I do not have access to the routers and I'm not very good at internet connectivity stuff.

I tried to forget the network on the iPad but it does not help.

The wifi settings are different on the iPad and iPhone.  They show different IP addresses and different Router Addresses. Should I be forcing these to be the same on the iPhone and iPad?  Can you help me with instructions to force these addresses to be the same?