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No files.

Question asked by WinstonChurchill on Aug 6, 2010
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No files.


Just starting out, not fully up to speed with FM Pro, but have installed go on my ipad for an early evaluation, but all I get is no files. (But I am able to transfer/copy them by email etc)

Typed in the IP of my mac (, don't know whether it's connected or not (there's no visual indication) or just can't find the files. Firewall lists FM pro to allow access

Is there something I need to do in FM Pro, do the files need to be in a specific location.

I'm currently running a trial of FM Pro, could that be an issue.

My mac is connected by ethernet to my router which is connected to an AP (bridged), is this a problem.

Bento syncs just fine, can bento and FM Pro work side by side or is this a problem.

Not sure what to try next.