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    No Go w/FM12



      No Go w/FM12


           New user. Trying to see a simple db on my iPad with FMP12 & iPad Go. But it's a no go.

           Created simple db on my iMac. Shared it:  File>Sharing>FileMaker Network ...>Network Sharing ON

           Opened FileMaker Go on my iPad. Go does not find the file. Why not?

           - Fabe




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               Local Area Network

               The database must be running and sharing enabled.  Note your computesr ip address:   Open Go and on the right side you will see search and add icon.  You can click either option.  Search will find your computer, then  select your computer then the file.  Add you will enter the Ip address that you noted above.

               Wide Area Network

               The database must be running and sharing enabled.  Note your computers ip address:

               There a few extra step if you are connect outside your local network.   You will need to setup port forwarding on your router. You will route port 5003 to  the ip address you noted above from filemaker sharing (Hosting Computers ip address). Port 5003 will have to be open on your firewall.


          www.ipchicken.com to get your ip address to your router assigned by your internet provider.

               Then on your ipad use the ip address obtained from ipchicken with the port to access the files. xx.xx.xx.xx:5003

               port 5003 is the recommend port to use by Filemaker but is not the required port.