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No video in FM Go 12

Question asked by bvondeylen on Dec 13, 2012
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No video in FM Go 12


     I have created a db with several tables. 1 tables has a container field optimized for Photos. 1 table has a container field optimized for multimedia (video, pdf, etc).

     I have created two Container Play layouts. 

     Photo Play

     Multimedia Play

     Each layout is identical. Only the container field from the appropriate table is on the layout, and the layout is set to fill the window (stretch or shrink). Each container field is set appropriately (optimized for Photo or Multimedia).

     When I switch to the layout on the computer (Mac), everything works (photos display, videos play).

     When I use an iPad 2, the layout with Photos displays correctly, but the layout with videos only shows icon and title of the video on the screen (eg Screen

     Do videos not play on the iPad in FileMaker GO 12 from databases hosted on a FileMaker Pro Server 12?