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Number formatting in a formula-build? (Q 3 of 3)

Question asked by artdoc on Apr 30, 2011
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Number formatting in a formula-build? (Q 3 of 3)


My three pages of contract have merge fields bringing in specific numbers (Job Cost, Deposit, etc) and they show up with currency formatting just fine, showing Job Cost: $65,000.00, etc.  But since there are options that may be empty, I want to remove the items that have zero charges just to avoid empty lines or Site Prep: $0.00 entries. 

I have had no luck finding a way to include currency, or even standard number formatting in a procedure, so my calculated content can include a dollar sign but not the comma to separate the thousands! Critical? I suppose not, but it looks bad.

So can a formula be made to format currency correctly?

Thanks for any insight...