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Odd record navigating actions...

Question asked by DanYotz on Aug 31, 2011
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Odd record navigating actions...


I've had a couple unexplainable actions occur over the last couple weeks while navigating records...

 1) in one instance (happened multiple times with different records), I am entering data on what is my own Item number 45 (which is a record), this is shown as maybe Record 6 within the Toolbar, I hit the NEXT RECORD navigation button on the toolbar  and it goes to my Item 46, yet the Record indicator still shows Record 6, now I hit PREVIOUS RECORD within the toolbar and it returns to Item number 45 and shows it as Record 5.

2) at another time, I have a Script that copies data from the previous record and inserts it in the current record - it simply stopped working (FM appeared to have problems finding the previous record) ... I had to hit PREVIOUS RECORD on the toolbar multiple times and then use NEXT RECORD to return to the record that I was on, then hit the button that runs my script and it worked just fine. 

I closed background applications (iPad2), and reopened the file, and I didn't have the 2nd problem again.  I occasionally still have the first problem.


Is this an issue of filesize?  Currently, the file is at 720MB, and will surpass 1GB before this project is finished.