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offline filemaker go

Question asked by user14275 on Mar 20, 2011
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offline filemaker go


Hi, I have a couple of questions / ideas for using filemaker go if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be great. I must point out I am new to filemaker / filemaker go so please accept my appology's in advance if I say somthing daft or out of line.

What I want to do is create a solution for where I work for on the road sales people. I would like to use a Ipad , preferably the new ipad2 along with filemaker go installed. Then have a backend with a VPN and file maker advanced, then use filemaker Pro to create the solution.

My main issue is that I want the solution to be able to operate when the iPad's cant connect to a WiFi or 3G network. I would like to be able to intergrate several databases but have one main portal / solution on the face of it to the user so that different users can pull updated versions of some databases when they can connect and push some databases / data back when they connect perferably with buttons running scripts in the background.

I understand there is no direct Sync support which I think is a real shame from my point of view but I figure with a bit of creativity there must be a way round this. I would like to be able to pull a stock database that just holds say stock codes and current levels. Then if a sales person creates an order I was thinking rather than saving everything in the main database in filemaker Go on the Ipad have a transaction database that can be pushed back.

I would like to do the pushing and pulling direct from Filemaker Go if at all posible rather than needing to connect the iPad to a computer and use itunes.

I was thinking is it possible to connect the iPad to VPN over 3G or Wifi and then have a couple of buttons that run scripts to export data from the transactions database and then once it has been pushed empty the database. then import this data at the Filemaker Advanced server then the user can pull a new copy of the main database back to the iPad with updated transactions. Also do similar with stock levels in the stock database.

This may be to much for filemaker to handle and there may be a better way but hopfully you get the idea of what I am trying to do.

I would rather make our own product than take some pre made one for the simple fact on the Filemaker Advanced server I want to export the orders in a CSV format at a sheduled point to import into our ERP system to complete the process.

The part I am unsure of in my head is the exporting / importing of data at each end and if Filemaker Go can link data from mumtiple databases on the iPad device.