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    One-Way Sync from FMP 12 to FM Go? / Deleting an FMP 12 DB from within iTunes



      One-Way Sync from FMP 12 to FM Go? / Deleting an FMP 12 DB from within iTunes


      Hello all. I'd appreciate some help here lest I mess something up.

      I have a number of Macintosh-created databases for FMP 12 that I want to sync with my iOS devices - an iPhone 4 and the new iPad - but I do not want any changes made to my new iOS FM Go DBs to make it back to these Mac-created databases once they appear on the iPhone or iPad. So, I guess we'd call this a one-way sync, if you will. How do I make sure that my Mac-created databases are not affected by any unintentional changes to the databases on iOS devices? Is there a way that I can just have any changes on the Mac databases automatically update the iOS database versions - again - one way (Mac to iOS device only)? In any case, I do not want to hose my original Mac-based DBs! 

      Conversely now, I may have a couple of DBs on the Mac that I do want to actively sync back changes FROM the iOS databases. Let's say I just met someone and added contact info on my iPhone and I want my next iPhone sync to, indeed, send the changes back to the to the Macintosh database. How do I achive that? That would be a two-way sync I would think

      Finally, I added a Mac-based DB to the window of iTunes (under device Apps) called File Sharing and the pane called "FileMaker Go Documents". I can easily add the DBs from this pane but cannot figure out how to remove these DBs from iTunes (and my iOS devices) as I added a DB from my Mac to iTunes by accident. To clarify: I want to remove the DB from my iOS device and the iTunes File Sharing "Filemaker Go Documents" pane (do I work from the iOS device or iTunes first?) but I do not want this action to destroy my Mac-based FMP 12 DB.

      BTW, I've always dreamed of having my mobile device truly reflect my Mac-based FM Pro DBs with layouts, colors and all and with FileMaker Go this is finally happening in a big and good way. Excellent!

      Thanks for your help!


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          Thank you for your post.

          Connect your iOS device to the Mac and launch iTunes.  Click the iOS device name under "DEVICES" on the left side of the iTunes window, and on the right side, click "Apps" at the top.  In the lower portion of that window, under File Sharing, click on FileMaker Go beneath Apps, and on the right side shows the FileMaker Go documents on the iOS device.  Drag the FileMaker Pro file that you want to copy to the iOS device into the FileMaker Go Documents section, and this will copy the file to the iOS device.  Now, your iOS device can launch FileMaker Go and use the file locally without it affecting the main file on the Mac/Windows computer.  This would be a one-way sync.

          Warning: if you drag something out of the "FileMaker Go Documents" section onto your computer, and if the file already exists on your computer, then you will be prompted to overwrite the file.  This could result in the FileMaker Go local file overwriting your master file on your Mac/Windows computer.

          FileMaker Go does not sync with FileMaker Pro, so you would need to create a script that updates the file to simulate syncing by comparing records, and adding records if the record doesn't exist, etc.  Also keep in mind that FileMaker Go can access FileMaker Pro hosted files via Wi-Fi or 3G, so a FileMaker Go user can access the file in real-time, and if the FileMaker Go user has certain access privileges, he/she could update the database so everyone would have immediate access to it.

          Let me know if you need additional clarification.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thank you, TSGal for your helpful answer. It is quite easy to do a manual replacement of an updated FM Database for the iOS device, actually, so I really don't need to go the script route but it is good to know that's a possiblilty should I change my mind.

            I am pleased to know that the iOS importation of the FM Database file from the Mac results in a local file through iTunes that cannot alter the original Mac DB as I feared accidental changes on the iOS side might migrate to the Mac original or cause file corruption. I am much relieved.

            Also, although you didn't address this issue, I found that I could easily delete from iTunes under FM Go any FM DB that I wanted to delete by simply selecting the file or files and hitting the "Delete" key. This tip might help someone else.

            I'm am interested in trying to pursue FM Go access to FMP hosted files via Wi-Fi and allowing my wife the ability to have real-time access to the data for her iOS devices. I'll see if I can find more info on this topic. If I can't, I may be back to you with more questions.

            Thanks again!