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One-Way Sync from FMP 12 to FM Go? / Deleting an FMP 12 DB from within iTunes

Question asked by PWRMAC on Apr 19, 2012
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One-Way Sync from FMP 12 to FM Go? / Deleting an FMP 12 DB from within iTunes


Hello all. I'd appreciate some help here lest I mess something up.

I have a number of Macintosh-created databases for FMP 12 that I want to sync with my iOS devices - an iPhone 4 and the new iPad - but I do not want any changes made to my new iOS FM Go DBs to make it back to these Mac-created databases once they appear on the iPhone or iPad. So, I guess we'd call this a one-way sync, if you will. How do I make sure that my Mac-created databases are not affected by any unintentional changes to the databases on iOS devices? Is there a way that I can just have any changes on the Mac databases automatically update the iOS database versions - again - one way (Mac to iOS device only)? In any case, I do not want to hose my original Mac-based DBs! 

Conversely now, I may have a couple of DBs on the Mac that I do want to actively sync back changes FROM the iOS databases. Let's say I just met someone and added contact info on my iPhone and I want my next iPhone sync to, indeed, send the changes back to the to the Macintosh database. How do I achive that? That would be a two-way sync I would think

Finally, I added a Mac-based DB to the window of iTunes (under device Apps) called File Sharing and the pane called "FileMaker Go Documents". I can easily add the DBs from this pane but cannot figure out how to remove these DBs from iTunes (and my iOS devices) as I added a DB from my Mac to iTunes by accident. To clarify: I want to remove the DB from my iOS device and the iTunes File Sharing "Filemaker Go Documents" pane (do I work from the iOS device or iTunes first?) but I do not want this action to destroy my Mac-based FMP 12 DB.

BTW, I've always dreamed of having my mobile device truly reflect my Mac-based FM Pro DBs with layouts, colors and all and with FileMaker Go this is finally happening in a big and good way. Excellent!

Thanks for your help!