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Open a File from  Field Data

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Apr 7, 2012


Open a File from  Field Data


Anybody can create a button to open a file using Open File, it's so easy.

But I want to create a list that contains the Filename, and I have done so. Now I want to click on the list record and open the file.

Within Filemaker I can use

Set variable $_filename to FieldFileName

Send Event ["aevt";"odoc";$_filename"]

Filemaker Go does not work with Send Event since that is an OS call.

I remember someone using variables with Open File and I have unsucessfully spent hours trying to find the trick again.

Since this has to work with GO there are a few extra problems. 

I do not want to use Open URL or anything else needing Safari. I want something as easy to use as Send Event.

Maybe Filemaker engineers can spend a half hour or so and work up something that works like this:

Open File By Pathname(xxxx) where pathname can be local on the IOS device or remote.

Or, someone can supply me (once again) with how to make Open File work with a variables for local and remote.

  • Local File
  • Remote file over WiFi
  • Remote file over inhouse server
  • Remote file over Internet

I apologize for being so forgetfull...

[I would appreciate a Filemaker engineer adding this function over the weekend and sending me the updated versions. Thanks...]