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    Open in Dropbox not working in iOS8?



      Open in Dropbox not working in iOS8?


      Anybody else having a problem with saving databases to Dropbox from Filemaker Go since upgrading to iOS8? Basically when I select the database to save and then select "Open In Dropbox" from the list of options, Filemaker Go basically freezes up and I have to quit it (nothing gets saved to Dropbox). This started happening the first time I tried to save to Dropbox after upgrading to iOS 8.


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          I haven't encounter this problem.  Have you update filemaker go to the newest version?  If you have then remove it and reinstall again, if not then updated Filemaker Go to the newest version.  If you still have problems you may need to update Dropbox.

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            Thanks for the post S Chamblee. I should have mentioned that all my software is up to date. I hadn't thought of deleting the app and reinstalling. Tried it and didn't help. I did figure out the problem though. Turns out you have to close any open windows of the file you  are trying to send to Dropbox. Once I did that it worked fine. While this may have been obvious I have to admit I don't remember having to do that before. It has been a while since I have tried to sync Filemaker Go through Dropbox as I have been putting the final touches on the database I have been developing to use with it so syncing between devices was not something I needed to do regularly. I did to some testing of syncing through Dropbox previously and I do have to say that the whole process for doing it with Filemaker Go is unnecessarily complicated. In fact it is so complicated that I wrote down a list of the steps because I knew it would be a while before I used it regularly and I didn't want to have to figure it out again (closing all open windows of the file was not on my list).

            Here's what I mean about complicated. On the Mac side Dropbox works pretty seamlessly with Filemaker. You just store the Filemaker database file in your Dropbox folder and it automatically syncs to the cloud when you quit Filemaker. If you wanted to work on that database from a different Mac you just open the synced file in that Macs DropBox folder and any changes made would be automatically synced through DropBox. The complications happen in Filemaker Go because, for whatever reason, Filemaker has chosen to not allow Go to access files in this same way. Instead you have to import a COPY of the file from DropBox which is then stored in Filemaker Go. Any changes made in Go are made only to the copy stored in Filemaker, not to the DropBox file. To sync these changes you have to export a COPY of the changed file to DropBox. Right out the gate with this set-up I have to manually manage multiple copies of the same file in multiple locations each time I sync and manually delete old copies of the file again in multiple locations. This also results in pretty much always having 2 copies of the database on my iOS devices at all times, one in filemaker and one in Dropbox which is kind of a waste of space. Plus I have to somehow keep track of which is the updated file (rename the file each time or...). Add to this the fact that I want to have this database on not only my Mac but my iPhone and iPad so this procedure has to be repeated on both iOs devices. This is far from being an adequate solution in my opinion.

            Before anyone says "Well that's just a limitation of the way iOS works", I know for a fact that is not true. For several years I have been using DropBox to sync all my passwords which are all stored in a program called 1Password. I have 1Password installed on all three of my devices  (1 Mac OS and 2 iOS) and when you first set up the programs, regardless of the OS, you are given a choice where to store the database. If you chose Dropbox on the iOS devices the syncing works exactly the same as between two Macs, that is seamlessly, behind the scenes and with no intervention by me required.

            Dropbox offers this functionality to any app maker that cares to use it so I guess my question is, why isn't this kind of seamless integration incorporated into Filemaker Go?



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              I didn't think about that being the issue because it is always best practice to close the file before you copying the file to dropbox or and other file storage because it can lead to file corruption.  If a file is left open and a record hasn't been commited then data can be lost.

              The other issue is not totally a FileMaker Go problem.    Apple is trying to make it hard for hackers to hack the iPhone.   Apple is introducing a new payment system and if this system gets hacked like iCloud did then it would put a big hurt on Apple.   iOS8 is like Windows Vista when it first came out...Over kill with the security.  Windows 7 came out it was a much better product than Vista.    In time these issues will get worked out.  Solid security and with a lot of features .   Filemaker Go 13 is a fairly new product too, it's the 3rd version of Go. The first version of Go came out July 2010 and it didn't really take off until 12 , which came out April 2012.  Go 13 just had a lot of new features added.....It's getting there, it just takes time.

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                Markus Schneider

                IMHO 2 of the major 'missing features' of FileMaker Go are synchronizing and using a 'cloud' (for single user use-cases). 

                There are 3rd party solutions for synking - but in my gut feeling, this should be done by the creator of an app (several reasons, one of them: Just to make sure that a synk is working after every upgrade...)

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                  I have to somewhat disagree with this statement from S Chamblee "The other issue is not totally a FileMaker Go problem." I currently have 5 apps on my iOS devices that use Dropbox to sync. The syncing is done seamlessly, behind the scenes with no intervention on my part. In fact to be honest it is so automatic that I had to actually go to my Dropbox account and look up which apps where using their service! The apps vary from larger companies like 1Password to a pretty small company that makes a little free app that allows you to cut and paste between devices.

                  As to your time frame arguments that Go is getting better... While that is certainly true I have to say I've seen little progress made in the syncing realm which is my main beef here. As I mentioned before, I use Dropbox to sync my password database for the program 1Password. I have been doing that since I got my iPhone 2 years ago. The point being is that the technology to make syncing in iOS work automatically is out there and has been for, well at least 2 years (and probably longer I'm just basing that number on my earliest iOS experience with it).

                  Honestly I have to say my gut feeling as to the reason why these existing technologies have not been utilized in Go is just that Filemaker for some reason just doesn't want to do it (possibly because they are working on their own sync solution?, albeit very slowly)


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                    Your database in Filemaker Go is not a standalone app.  There are different issues and security issue with a app (Filemaker Go) running a different app (your database) and adding in a third party app (dropbox).   The other programs you mention are standalone apps.  I guess you can say it is filemaker fault just as it is filemaker fault that databases you create with filemaker can not be put on to apple store. 

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                      OK, I'll admit I never thought of it that way and I can see your point. I do try to always point out that I am well aware of the fact that there could very well be technical reasons outside the scope of my knowledge that explain these types of "problems". Thanks for clearing that up.

                      On a more positive note, I have revisited the whole syncing thing and have pretty much worked out the steps involved in successful syncing. I am going to post the Step-by-Step instructions on the forum later this week (need to put the final touches on them). It's not as convoluted as it may seem at first but, judging by the number of people posting about problems with Dropbox syncing, I have to say, to some of us at least, it seems a bit counterintuitive. I'm actually kind of surprised that this info hasn't already been posted but a straight forward "How-to-Do" has never come up in my searches of this forum. I'll post the link here when I get them up.



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                        There is a syncing guide.  http://www.filemaker.com/solutions/ios/docs/fmi_guide_sync_en.pdf 

                        There is free syncing software

                        www.fmeasysync.com is free syncing framework, but as designed requires filemaker server 13 and filemaker pro 13.

                        www.seedcode.com has a free version that syncs one table and a paid version.

                        You can let dropbox sync your backups to the cloud, but you have to be careful not to use your live file because it can led to file corruption if filemaker has the file open while dropbox is copying the file.  I believe dropbox doesn't sync a file that is open, but I'm not sure, you would need to verify with dropbox.  You also have to use care with a file on dropbox that the file doesn't get open from more than one device at the same time, which is a reason to use dropbox just as a backup location.

                        Filemaker Go can be a better program.  I really wish they would drop Go and let the user create a runtime version from Filemaker Pro to run on the devices.   I agree Filemaker does need better syncing built-in.  I know this have been asked about several times.

                        You can make a feature request at



                        Sorry, I think I must read too many of these post and ran yours together with others post I read. 

                        Going back to your original question dropbox does have known issue and will not open a file in Go from dropbox. See line 4 from the following link.  http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13985/~/filemaker-go-and-ios-8-compatibility

                        I do believe this has to do with security issues so Filemaker disable the auto open.   

                        Good luck with syncing.




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                          At the risk of interjecting a tangent .... I'm having no success getting FM Go 13.0.5 to interact with a .fm12 file sitting in Dropbox on my iPad (iOS 8).   The "open with ..." dialogue within Dropbox gives no option to use Go, Go seems to have no way to find dropbox.  The instructions I've found here on the forum point to icons that must be associated with earlier versions of software, as they are not present on my machine.  I've found no way to access the current version of my .fm12 file in dropbox, solely from the iPad while in the field.  Hints, suggestions, or should I post this to the beginning of a new thread?   Bruce:  I for one would LOVE to see your guide!  All of the hints contained within S. Chamblee's response are great, but none of them address or resolve the issue I am experiencing.   Thanks!

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                            James I can't answer a question before it is asked.  If you have the newest version of Go and Dropbox, then all you should have to do to open your file in Filemaker Go is :

                            1) Select the file in Dropbox
                            2) Click the icon at bottom left with the up arrow pointing out of a box,
                            3) Click the icon at the bottom Open In...
                            4) Click Open In Filemaker Go

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                              1. Done

                              2. That icon not present (See photo)

                              3. Open in .... can be found at upper right however ... (See photo)

                              4.  "Open in ...." does nothing when selected ... no submenu whatsoever.

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                                    Dropbox v. 3.4.2

                                    iOS 8.0.2

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