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Open remote file fm11 with fmGo11 in iOS7 iPad

Question asked by paolobkk on Oct 9, 2013
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Open remote file fm11 with fmGo11 in iOS7 iPad


     Hi everyone,

     After the new update to iOS7, FMGO11 crashes when opening a remote file from FMS11.

     I've found some solutions on the internet but none was working for me so far.

     What I did following this announcement:

     I created the file but when opening the remote one automatically I have the user/password request and then the app crashes again.

     Then I tried this:

     In this way I was able to get user and password and set them as variables and then create the address to open the remote file on the server, but I can't get the FMNET address working or reaching anywhere from "Open URL" script step.

     Does anyone has any suggestion?

     ..Too bad Filemaker doesn't give anymore support to a paid app and deleted from the app store while keeping supporting the free version.