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    Open remote file fm11 with fmGo11 in iOS7 iPad



      Open remote file fm11 with fmGo11 in iOS7 iPad


           Hi everyone,

           After the new update to iOS7, FMGO11 crashes when opening a remote file from FMS11.

           I've found some solutions on the internet but none was working for me so far.

           What I did following this announcement:


           I created the file but when opening the remote one automatically I have the user/password request and then the app crashes again.

           Then I tried this:


           In this way I was able to get user and password and set them as variables and then create the address to open the remote file on the server, but I can't get the FMNET address working or reaching anywhere from "Open URL" script step.

           Does anyone has any suggestion?

           ..Too bad Filemaker doesn't give anymore support to a paid app and deleted from the app store while keeping supporting the free version.

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               According to your first link from filemaker FMGO 11 is not compatible with iOS7 which means it will not run on iOS7.    I assume FMI has determined that it isn't that profitable to keep working on an older product.  I would also guess that they started giving away GO 12 is to increase customer interest in the product. 

               I feel your pain after investing in FMS11,FM11,FMGO11 and then you can't use the product.  Some positive to look at FMGO is free now, currently you can buy FM and get another copy free, and I'm sure you can get upgrade pricing on FMS12.  I guess you could get upgrade pricing on FM too.  

               You could always call Filemaker tell them the problem and see if they would give you a better discount to upgrade to 12.

               Looking at it from Filemaker side is that 12 was a major upgrade which meant a upgrade for go, so it would run 12 files, they have invested their time and effort into these new products. 

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                 Hi Chamblee,

                 In that link they said that is not compatible with IOS7 and the problem shows only on iPad. However, there is also the workaround using the fmnet but I'm not familiar on how to interact with it in a script.

                 I understand that I could just upgrade to 12 but there are several issues why I can't do it. There are actually more than 30 clients who invested in FM11 and they won't really invest more money for an upgrade just to make it run in Ipad.

                 Also, the database is pretty complex and big, and uses 7 files related with each other. I'd prefer to don't risk any eventual problem that can occur during the migration.

                 The company is already processing to move to Oracle and FM will be reduced to an external app for customized reports.

                 I saw that fmnet workaround as potential solution and I really hope I can make it work.

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                   I don't have fm11 so I can't do any testing.  It does not specially state that you can use fmnet, it states you can create a launcher file, which makes it clears as mud. 

                   Here some links that might work





                   This is what I would consider launcher files.

                   If I find out anything else I will post here.