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Open specialised filetypes in FMGO with supported apps

Question asked by DamianBaker_1 on Jun 12, 2012
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Open specialised filetypes in FMGO with supported apps


Hey guys,

We are currently developing a database solution called Teacher's Companion.  It has a section called Templates, where it allows you to store various filetypes. Using it for say music tuition, you could for example store Guitar Pro files called .gp5 or .gpx files. The problem is on FileMaker Go, when you try to open the file, it opens it in a browser window (Safari on iOS), which incidentally throws a 'Failed to open' error. 

Why can't it just allow you to make a choice on an installed app that could utilise the filetype - this makes perfect sense.

Dropbox and various File storage apps do exactly that, by giving you choices to Open In... the app that supports it.

Hopefully this could be included soon in an future update.