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Opener script issue

Question asked by RickWhitelaw on Jun 6, 2014
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Opener script issue


     I've recently deployed FMS to serve up files to my various computers and my iPad.  I'm designing new layouts that are more suitable for the iPad. I always open my solution (multi-file) with the same initial file. In this first file I have a script that calls a second file to open  and runs a script to find certain records and has a Script Parameter. This second file also has a script to run OnFirstWindowOpen that determines the system platform and goes to the appropriate layout for the device. If I open the second file directly it goes to the correct layout. However, when the file is opened as mentioned previously it goes to the default layout for the file. It's as ifFM Go Thinks There's already a window open in the second file. Of course there isn't. 

       FMPA 13. FM Go 12